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Comic Mina's vacation: You prefer to see... 

89 deviants said a whole sequence where Mina & Anja puts the horse gear on step by step.
21 deviants said Mina and Anja directly in the whole horse gear
10 deviants said a whole sequence where Mina puts the horse gear on step by step.
3 deviants said a whole sequence where Anja puts the horse gear on step by step.
I would like to tell you what happend to me at the website of DAZ3D (where I buy my 3D content normally), last saturday .

It was morning when I received the info by DAZ3d that both "March Madness" items were again on sale. Okay, I missed some of them and put both into my cart.
Then I checked the total sum and it was a little bit too high. Okay I dropped one item and looked at the price again... strange. By dropping one item both other items were dropped (by the price) as well.
I dropped another item and the price went down dramatically. Funny... another drop and again the total sum went down. At least only one item was in the cart and the prics was 0$, in total. I bought it and got it for free.
Okay, I choosed another item and put it into my cart... and. Same here. I got it for free! COOL!
In the end I received 35 items for free because I bought them one by one... what a mad action by DAZ3D! :)

Mature Content

Screenshot by Dravuo-r

Too bad that this "mad behaviour" lasted only around 4 hours. But okay... I got these ressources (worth around 300$) for free.
Thanks again DAZ3D. You made my day.


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Hello Folks,

Welcome to my spot on Deviant Art!

I've been a digital render artist for quite a few years already, and created a small world around my virtual girlfriend, Mina.

The real life Mina I met when I was 16. I was sooo in love with her. But our love affair didn't last for long, just around two and a half year.
What happened you may ask? The sad story is that Mina got into a fatal car accident.

But I couldn't stop loving Mina, so I recreated her in a digital form. Call it my form of therapy.
Whenever I create new pictures with her in them, I feel better. And I'm sure, that she would like them too.

The other figures in my stories are all fictional.

Enjoy my artwork and the "strange" ideas which sometimes come with it.

Have fun,


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dannysuling Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Why oh why change your name—again!??? What's the point? It's not an improvement, for sure, with an added hyphen now that causes all sorts of weird things when one tries to convey it. Did dA hassle your old name or something?
Dravuo-r Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
Actually I wanted "Dravour" back because I am tired of this "Bad" in my name. But this is not possible. Even a canceled name can not be claimed again. Even "Drav" was already claimed by another person. In future I will change the name into "Dravuor plus year".
dannysuling Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the reply. I understand how someone can get tired of a name. But think of your fans, and the people who watch you and value your work. They don't want name changes, because it messes up how they find you, both online and also in their own hard drives. Better for all these folks if you choose one name you can live with for years and stick with it. Don't keep changing it every year with new "plus year" stuff. Please?
Dravuo-r Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
I'm a little bit surprised, to tell the truth. Sorry. The name "dravuor" won't be changed only a year added, Is this really such weird?!
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